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Devotional Life

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Study on the Character of Christ from Desire of Ages

If we are called to have Christ's character, what might that look like? This beautiful compilation from the Desire of Ages gives an inspiring overview of the character of Christ. As we gaze at Christ, we will be transformed into His image. Inspiration tells us, "Christ is sitting for His portrait in every disciple” (Desire of Ages, p. 827).



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International Women's Day of Prayer 2020: Virtuous Living in a Unvirtuous World

March 7, 2020, is International Women's Day of Prayer. This year's sermon, "Virtuous Living in an Un-virtuous World," was written by Melody Mason, author of "Daring to Ask for More," and the soon-to-be released "Daring to Live by Every Word." The resource packet also contains a Sabbath School program and afternoon seminar written by Melody. Whether you use these sermons on March 7 or some other date, we know you will be blessed.


Bible Study

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How to Really Study the Bible - 7 Helpful Tools

Want to study the Bible in a deeper way and make fascinating discoveries along the way? In this video Chris shares 7 tools that can help you dig deeper and discover what an amazing masterpiece the Bible really is. This is part 3 in a 3 part series.


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