Leaves of Blessing - Gift Jar

Leaves of Blessing - Gift Jar

Looking for something to inspire and bless your loved ones over Thanksgiving or in the coming year? Why not consider making them a "Leaves of Blessing" gift jar? This is a jar filled with 52+ Bible promises and special quotations from Inspiration - enough to last the whole year if they open 1 per week. Ellen White tells us, “Grasp His promises as LEAVES from the Tree of Life” (Ministry of Healing, p. 65). His promises are our very life! That’s why we need to cling tightly to these promises, especially in times like these! And what better way than giving a gift that keeps on giving.

There are multiple ways you can decorate your jar. You can also edit the promises to make them more personal. Included in the download link below are:

Leaves of Blessings - Version 1

Leaves of Blessing - Version 2

Leaves of Blessing - Version 3 - For MOTHERS

Instructions for assembling your Leaves of Blessing gift jar!

A sample letter that you can include with your gift jar, sharing why this jar is so special!

To download all cards as well as instructions, click here!