My Amazing Escape

My Amazing Escape

By G.T. Ng

It was Friday and I was grateful as the plane landed at the Washington-Dulles International Airport in Virginia, U.S.A., after visiting a division. I looked forward to the Sabbath at home and some much needed rest.

As the plane taxied to the gate the flight attendant announced, “The airport is experiencing a computer failure in immigration and everyone is to stay on the plane until it is resolved.” I sighed and leaned back, praying that it wouldn’t be too long.

One hour passed. Two hours passed. Now I was praying earnestly. The 300-plus passengers on my flight were getting irritable. “What is taking so long?” they repeatedly asked the flight attendants. Always the same answer—“They are working on it.”

Many more planes had landed from outside the United States while we were waiting. The number of passengers to go through immigration was growing. It was obvious I wasn’t getting home any time soon without a miracle.

The flight attendants started passing out more drinks to the impatient passengers. My leg started cramping and I needed to walk around. I decided to get out of my seat and do my best to stretch my legs in the narrow airline aisles. Up and down I went until finally my limited pathway brought me to the front of the plane and the open door. I took a moment to peek my head out the door and looked around the causeway. The flight attendant standing guard asked, “Where is your seat?”

I told him my seat number. “Do you have luggage?” he asked. “Yes,” I answered.

“How many bags? What do they look like?”

“Two. Both black. A carry-on and a computer bag,” I responded.

“Wait here.” And he disappeared. Soon he reappeared with my bags. Handing them to me, he said, “Now, run!” And I did!

I went up the passageway. As I emerged, a woman met me. “Follow me,” she said. I obeyed.

We walked swiftly through the airport. Suddenly we arrived where one would normally go down to immigration. The entire second level was filled with people! The floor below was also filled with people, all waiting for immigration. While I had escaped the plane, I clearly wasn’t getting home tonight!

Another young airline employee met me. “Follow him,” instructed the woman. And I did.

He wove quickly in and out through the people. I kept close to him as we maneuvered through the large crowd. He brought me directly to a Global Entry Kiosk. I scanned my passport, checked through the items, and was on my way! A full escape! I marveled at what God had just done in answer to my prayers.

Recently someone asked me my most memorable event of 2019. This experience immediately came to mind. I relayed the story to those gathered around. “Just think,” I said. “Not one, not two, but three airline employees!” My listeners also marveled at this intervention. Then one individual said, “Just like Peter’s release from prison. Those were angels.” I saw nods around the table.

At first I shook my head, “No, not angels.” But as I reflect more, I recall very clearly that all of them were actually expecting me to show up. They were not at all surprised to see me, a lone traveler who was supposed to be confined to the airplane! Maybe they were just helpful. Perhaps they were angels. Either way, one thing is clear: God was watching out for this weary traveler who made it home in time for Sabbath, for some much needed rest, and with a feeling of being very blessed.

My amazing escape reminds me of the miraculous escape of humans from the certainty of death because of Jesus’ incarnation. He condescended to this sinful world, was born as a babe, lived like a man, died like a criminal, resurrected to minister in the heavenly sanctuary, and soon will return to exterminate sin forever. His is the greatest escape story ever told! Hallelujah!

G.T. Ng is the executive secretary of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist.

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